PINTAG Find my Tracker (4pack)



    Precise global positioning with real-time tracking of your items. It avoids losing your precious belongings. It can also prevent malicious tracking to protect your whereabouts, APPLE FIND MY certification, FIND MY network, global coverage, unlimited occasions, find it at any time.

    Apple Find My certified| Apple official certification, supports the global Find My network, safe and reliable

    Precise positioning | Can be located within 15 meters No installation required | Connects with the iOS built-in search app

    One-key reminder | Built-in buzzer plays sound to determine location

    Ultra-long battery life | One battery lasts up to a year

    Prevents malicious tracking | If someone else’s Find My Tracker is mixed in with your belongings, iOS will send you a reminder

    More economical | Four-pack is more cost-effective than single units, allowing you to track multiple items during travel, such as suitcases and backpacks, for added peace of mind.


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