1-World 65W GaN Convenient Travel Adapter


Choetech’s 30W Wall Charger provides four different regional plugs with a secure locking mechanism that can be used in more than 200 countries. Multiple ports enable simultaneous device charging using one USB-C Power Delivery fast charging port and three USB-A ports suitable for most phones, tablets, laptops and personal gadgets with a 30W capacity outlet. Travel confidently with Choetech.


    An universal travel charger with Built-in JP/US, AU, EU, UK sockets. can be used in more than 150 countries around the world. With the GaN charging technology, it supports up to 65W fast charging capability for charging multiple devices at advanced speed while travelling. Ultra convenient to charge 1 AC charging device and 5 USB charging devices at the same time.

    *UK pin has been sealed according to the HK regulation* (refer to the video tab for more details)


    • GaN 65W power output| Enables fast charging for multiple devices while travelling
    • Built-in JP/US, AU, EU, UK sockets| Applicable to any travel destinations
    • 6 devices charging  | Charges 1 AC charging device and 5 USB charging devices at the same time
    • 3+2 USB fast charging ports | 3 USB C ports and 2 USB A ports for charging modern devices
    • PD 65W USB C port | 1 ultra fast USB C port included for enabling more devices for fast charging
    • Fast multi-devices charging | DC charging is able to provide 45W + 15W maximum output
    • Smart protection |Short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent protection


    black, purpel, white


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